Pieter Snyers - °02 July 1991

I am a 23-year old graduate from Karel de Grote-Hogeschool, Antwerp, Belgium. I got my degree in Multimedia and Communication Technology in june 2014. I started my studies at the University of Antwerp, starting out in Computer Science in 2009. After 2 years I found that I am more of a creative being than an oldskool programmer. All of the maths and hard theoretical lessons were just too difficult for me.

At the moment, I am an Interfacing/Reporting Consultant at ProTime. I'm helping our customers reporting our time registration software's data and interfacing to exernal packages and software.

My after-hours work would mostly be brought back to the terms of "2D and 3D digital creativity". I draw, I design, I develop and I create using Adobe's Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, After Effects, Maxon's Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro X, Unity 3D and a number of textual editors to end up with a meticulous, (pixel-)perfect result.

In my spare time I foremost am a musician. I have been playing the trumpet since I was about 8, and in the meantime I studied piano and taught myself how to play the ukelele. I also play chess, which I practice in a local chess-club. Of course, as a student, I was (and in some degree still am) a member of some student associations, namely WINAK and Castrum. The first being the faculty association of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics at the University of Antwerp. The latter being an association that wants to live up to all of the classical student traditions as they have been prescribed many years ago. We try to avoid all of the well-known negative prejudices around student associations.

If you ever got any questions, don't hesitate and just contact me!

I'm a multimedia generalist

Combining technicalities with creativity, I would describe myself as a multimedia generalist. I think I can manage myself in a lot of aspects of the digital world: Graphic design, animation, 3D-modelling, video (pre/post)-production, web-dev & -design, programming, ... and I will always seek to develop these skills further.

My work

Here you can see a very small selection that I made of some of my projects throughout my college years. Click on an image to enlarge. Projects in a more specific genre can be provided as requested.

As a reference, some websites that I designed, developed or maintain.

I was part of the Erasmus Intensive Program in Kanuas, Lithuania. I got the opportunity to be the Team Leader of the design team.
Date: March 2014
A small compilation of projects of our second year 3D course.
Date: May 2013
A "bunny" I drew.
Date: June 2013
A parody on the Pixar intro as the final assignment for our 3D course this year.
Sounds are all taken from free samples.
Date: January 2014
This is a concept WIP for what is hopefully someday becoming a 3D rig of a fictional bear/hound crossover.
Date: October 2013
For our compositing course we had to choose a song, speech, ... on which we had to synchronize (some of) the lyrics. I chose Hot Hot Hot by Buster Pointdexter. An all-time favorite.
Date: January 2013
A collection of colorings and outlining I did during my internship at Sancta Media.
Date: December 2012

As the final assignment for our film production course we made a commercial for asos, an online clothing store.
Date: January 2013
As the assignment for our Game Programming Fundamentals course our entire class collectively made a spin-off of the 90`s digital pet Tamagotchi. As a project, we made a big-screen application for the Games & Biz conference in Antwerp. Purpose was to keep our 'gotchi' alive through a Twitter feed and by pressing 3D-printed buttons. I was lucky enough to be appointed 'manager' or 'project leader' for this project and I can say, the results were amazing.
Date: October 2013

Playing around with masks and light/shadow effects in PS 6.
Date: July 2013
2 years ago I made the first two orbs from a tutorial (abduzeedo?), I came by them and wanted to make two more.
Date: November 2011 + July 2013

I got inspired and made a little drawing of Carl Fredricksen from Pixar's Up.
Date: June 2013
I have been experimenting with the pencil drawings of a friend. Outlining and recoloring them sure was interesting!
Date: February 2013

My internship at 10Advertising

As the final part of our studies, we had to do an internship. Through some contacts, I managed to do mine at 10Advertising. Below, you can see a collage of some of my work & projects I cooperated on as a Junior Creative intern over there. Feel free to ask any additional information!

Read my internship blog.

Yes, it is written in Dutch, as it was a school assignment.